View Full Version : Jspec supra txt vvti O2 sensor help!!!!!!

Supra peck
24-06-15, 04:08
Hey guys, new to this forum...... I've been doing a lot of reading and searching for a O2 sensor for a j-spec supra vvti. My car is a 1998 and only has one O2 sensor not two. Any help would be greatly appreciated. FYI I live in Canada!!!!

24-06-15, 09:02
Hi there. The JSpec twin turbo Supras does indeed only have a single O2 sensor. The UK spec TT and the JSpec NA supras have two. I wouldn't be surprised if the US/Canadian ones have 2 as well.

Supra peck
25-06-15, 02:03
I can't find a stock one for sale anywhere, the part number I have is 89465-19724. My car is a 98 jspec tt vvti. Any ideas where I can find a oem one or aftermarket one? Cheers!