View Full Version : HKS speed limit defender

18-06-15, 08:49
Hi everyone, I'm new to this forum.
I have a question. I have a 1998 Auto Twin Turbo Supra. I have placed an order from Japan for a HKS Type II speed limit defender & I'm aware all the instructions are in japanese. but thats not an issue, I would like to know what wires I would connect this HKS to the ECU ???

I also have a Defi boost gauge & solenoid the solenoid is connected & I have the wire going inside the car & the Defi boost gauge is fitted but I don't have the module to plug the solenoid & gauge into. anyone have any idea on what type of module I will need to plug the solenoid & gauge into ???

any help or diagram would be great for the HKS type II and any info on what module I will need for my Defi gauge. Cheers