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14-06-15, 16:30
Dear Mates,

Iím registered in this forum since 2012, but this is my first thread.

I have a question about standalone ECUís.
I drive an EU spec 2JZ-GTE 6 Speed V161 left hand and I live in a Country in middle Europe which has very strong restrictions by law of changing anything on your car.
This is why everything must be as stealth as possible.

I intend to change the stock CT12ís with some similar as the Stuís GT28 hybrid are.
Bigger Injectorís, other gas pump and maybe a standalone ECU.

By searching for some standalone ECUís I realized that it is not so easy to find one which has a good base map which makes it easy to start tuning from.
It seems also a problem that some standalone ECUís do not support all aspect of the existing environment.

AEM V2 does not support the stock Traction Control system.
Vi-Pec iSeries PlugIn is nice because of itís kind of plug in in the stock ECU case and so hard to detect, but it does not support the sequential turbo mode.

Do you know an ECU which covers really ALL aspects similar to the stock ECU and has a fully functional base map which it makes it to a real PnP ECU ?
Sorry for my EnglishÖitís not the bestÖhope you understand what I mean.

Regards and always a save drive