View Full Version : My first supra

01-06-15, 17:52
Hi everyone this is my first supra I have big plans for it let me know what you think and can you tell me if you can see the pictures because I don't know if the upload has work

01-06-15, 17:57
welcome mate, supra looks well, interesting kit dont think I have seen it before...
What is it? N/A? twin turbo and what are your plans?

01-06-15, 18:16
Well I want it grey as it has had a very poor respray from silver to white planning on powder coating the entire chassis it is an N/A auto so planning on putting an ls1v8 in it with a six speed manual what do you think

01-06-15, 19:35
Your build looks pretty impresive mate

01-06-15, 19:35
:welcome: to the club mate, looking forward to seeing your plans come to life :)

Dim Sum
01-06-15, 19:45
Welcome to the club

Wow powder coating the whole chassis. Going to take a lot of time stripping the car just to a metal bare shell, Good luck with it and I keep a eye out on your build. :)

01-06-15, 20:47
Hi and thanks will do a build thread if you guys are interested from beginning to end we are also v8ing an rz7 so I will post picks on that also if peopl are interested am going to start the supra build in a month or so looking at putting about 15,000 in to it and it's taken me a long time to save that money