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01-06-15, 06:00
hi petrolheads,joined the club couple of months ago but never got the chance to pass by as my project has been neglected due lack of time...and obviously money,never even dreamed that i would own a supra till i found a total bargain and bought it,interior was stripped out,no bonnet front rear bumper,at the moment i'm slowly progressing and hope to get her back on the road,im here because i'm gonna need your help and advice in the process
thank you,john

01-06-15, 08:30
:welcome: get some pictures up would be great to see your project :)

13-06-15, 07:54
In progress :)...slowly getting there202256202257202258

14-06-15, 13:05
Welcome, nice, by the looks of it you will need parts so will need to become a member on this forum to give you access to the for sale section.