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31-05-15, 00:25
I bought a uk supra on ebay unseen years ago.I know, bad idea! But a friend of mine said he bring IT to Norway for me only for the cost of gas and transport charges.Lucky me.Exterior looked ok,same as pictured.But never liked the "Veilside look"Under the car a different story!!! Much more rust then i was hoping for. But I think i can rescue IT with a bit of sandblasting and a rustfree rear subframe and a few original parts as 17 OEM wheels with OEM tire size. OEM spoiler maybe.I would need these parts so IT would be possible for me to register this car in Norway. I have been reading on this forum for years and i tought IT was time to say hi to the club at least! !!!
Cheers! Have a Nice weekend!

Regards Kenneth

01-06-15, 08:42
:welcome: looking forward to seeing your updates, get some photos up :)

02-06-15, 11:37
Hi and welcome to the club, post some pictures of the old girl someone might no something about it.