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30-05-15, 14:37
Hi guys just thought I'd introduce myself, just bought my first Supra and it should be road ready in a week or so (bought from SVA imports) it's a white 1999 6 speed twin turbo. Only issue is I won't be able to pick it up until the end of June due to work and the car will be in Kent and I stay in Aberdeen so it's a hell of a travel and will probably take a couple days with a rest as it seems I'll be driving down to pick it up in the first place unless my car sells before hand :( . The only thing I'm not all that keen on is the alloys but that's a quick and easy change so I'm not complaining :) it's got to be said I don't think I've been this excited about a car in a while :D


31-05-15, 08:14
Very nice car, Matt.

Like you say, a new set wheels and she will be lovely...oh and after burning the light eyebrow's :D

31-05-15, 08:37
Welcome. As stated, lose the brows. You may as well fit lashes..!!


31-05-15, 09:50
Another one for the aberdeen area :faint: looks good bud! Keep an eye out in the Scottish section for meets and etc

01-06-15, 08:40
Looks like a great example mate, one of the best colors and going TT manual VVTI you have made the best choice IMO, loose the eyebrows and get some new wheels on it will look amazing :)

01-06-15, 12:06
Yeah haha the eyebrows will be the first thing to go :D

Admiral Donuts
01-06-15, 13:07
Welcome Matt.

What a lovely looking Supra you have there!

01-06-15, 13:28
tasty brakes, welcome and enjoy the car! I'd put the rear side lights back on when you get it, looks like they've been removed and their handy at night.

01-06-15, 13:28
Keep the eye brows! join the crew :sly: