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19-05-15, 12:39
Hi guys I was want to know we're to start a thread as I can't do it in project from now when a got my car all the way through for the things I do and change ect thanks edd

19-05-15, 12:45
You need to start the thread in supra chat and then a mod will add it to the project section for you, also when you upload pictures, you will need to attach them to the site itself and not use an external link

19-05-15, 12:45
Hi, you might need to be a paid-up member of the club to be able to do that. Only 10 per year or 30 for life, well worth it.

19-05-15, 12:52
I am a paid up member Steve I just wondered how to do it thanks drift bear as usual guys always get an answer in here well worth the tenner