View Full Version : Newbie - Looking at getting into Supras

18-05-15, 13:47
Hi all,

I've been looking around for a change of car and the MkIV was suggested. Having taken a bit more of a look at them and lurked around the forum for a while, I'm pretty interested but not 100% set on it. I'd be after a model that already has turbo's, as I'm not sure I've got the itch strongly enough to go through a conversion (yet) and I'm not sure I want the fuel bill without a fair bit of poke... I would be using the car as a daily driver, roughly 20 miles a day commute plus all the fun stuff and general driving, so I'm not really worried about going for a low mileage car (unless I should be).

Do you guys see much difference in insurance price for going import over UK spec? I've had some back of the fag packet numbers come in at nearly double for import, although I haven't taken the time to call Adrian Flux or Sky yet. In terms of insurance profile, I'm 29, had a full UK license for ~6 years, with same number of years no claims. I have very limited rear wheel drive experience (although I don't know how much that's considered).

Any advice/suggestions greatly appreciated.