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16-05-15, 07:02
Well technically Cornwall, but I moved to Bristol about 8 years ago. I've been lurking on these forums for the past year. Around about the same time I bought my Supra (A 96' Silver NA Auto Import... yes, booo hisss how common :p). Although I'm 29 it's the first car I've ever bought, if you don't count a shagged mini cooper when I was 16 (lots of friends who's parents owned farms with plenty of fields that needed plowing :sly:). I spend about 6-7 hours a day [-]driving [/-] sitting in traffic in a transit around Bristol and the Southwest so its nice to have something that's a bit of fun to drive at the weekends or the rare chance I get to go back to Cornwall.

I've seen a few Supras around these past few weeks so I know there's a few of you in Bristol. Anyway, just thought I'd say Hi as I'm going to fiddling with some cosmetic things soon and I'll most likely run into trouble along the way. (If I haven't already)


16-05-15, 08:36
Welcome, get some pics. up of your 'oh so common' car :d

16-05-15, 10:43
Here you go, a set of wolfrace alloys and that's about it as far as aftermarket changes. At the moment the headlights, dash panels and door cards are garnishing the kitchen table. The headlights need a good clean and the chrome has flaked pretty badly from the insides. I've taken one apart at the moment and when it's finished i'll take a side by side photo for comparison. I've got some speaker brackets to make and some other bits and bobs to clean and spray.

I'm also after a set of rear lights which I'll post up in the wanted section later. I just need the outer clear plastic not the rest of the light, so am I correct in believing that the pre and facelift lights share the same outer plastic? Just wondering if I can save a few by getting some pre-facelift lights? Maybe something for the Technical section?

Anyway, here's the pic.


16-05-15, 12:23
Looks nice. Don't know about the lights unfortunately but I'm sure someone will come along with the answer. What's wrong with yours?

16-05-15, 12:47
Welcome :hi:

17-05-15, 08:20
Looks nice. Don't know about the lights unfortunately but I'm sure someone will come along with the answer. What's wrong with yours?

Ha, well I may have melted one in the oven? :innocent: It must have been balanced precariously because when I went back to check it, It was face down and melting though the grill. :taped: Anyway. Lessons learned and all that. The other came out pretty well though. I wanted a set of "Toxic Tails" style lights, but didn't want to fork out over $1000 for them (And I like to try and make things myself). In the photos you can see I've removed the coloured lenses from the light and put in a piece of acrylic i cut by hand. It's not perfect but it was only a test. I didn't think it came out too bad though. What do you think?

There's another photo of one of the front headlights I've already started on. I've put 2 of the cob LEDs on the low beam and the fog and I've been trying samples of all different types of chrome wrap to see if I can find one which will; 1. become soft and stretch with a bit of heat so I can wrap over the top of the cobs and old Chrome rings and 2. have enough light transparency to let the LEDs shine though. No luck so far. I'm going to ask a friend to spray one of them properly and see how the light travels though that, I tried it with a bit of spray paint but when the LEDs lit up, it looked awful.


17-05-15, 08:39
Oh dear! :blink: Bet you didn't tell the missus :D. From the photo the work you did looks good, very effective, be interesting to see the finished job.

17-05-15, 16:03
Thanks, When i get the shapes of the lenses drawn up, I'll get them laser cut so they fit perfectly. And I didn't tell her at first, but i forgot to take the wooden blocks the light was resting on out of the oven. So when I got home the other night she thought it'd be funny to give me a plate of cooked wood for dinner. I fessed up after that :P

18-05-15, 22:14
The lights are looking great so far. Where abouts I bristol are you based, I'm in Bradley Stoke?

18-05-15, 22:26
I got a white supra. In Bristol every so often. Live in Bath where i only see 2 silver ones and a black one. Congrats