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13-05-15, 23:11
Hello All,
My first time in club. I was prompted to join as I have just made road legal my old Supra race car. See pic. I am a Senior Engineer at Toyota UK, maybe a can help with the odd thing.201188

13-05-15, 23:29
Welcome to the club
There are a few members of the forum that race their Supra's so I am sure they will be in touch. What's your plans for it as a road car?

14-05-15, 00:48

14-05-15, 09:16
Welcome :D nice supra what mods have you done to it then? im guessing there will be quite a list lol

14-05-15, 11:05
welcome to the club , as above what spec supra do you have and its always nice to have seone high up in toyota being member :)

Dim Sum
14-05-15, 11:23
Another member here to wish you are warm welcome :)

Just like the rest interested with your spec on your Supra.

14-05-15, 13:13
Hello and welcome! :)