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08-05-15, 04:34
I would just like to introduce myself. I live in Indianapolis, I do not currently own a supra, but have been wanting one for a while now. Seems like alot of people on here are from England, but hoping ill find someone selling a supra in U.S. At the moment i just have a 03 Dodge Stratus R/T Coupe, Just wanted to introduce myself and hope to enjoy the forum and hoping to find a supra soon.

08-05-15, 09:43
Welcome :) yeah primarily the people on here are from the UK but there are a few from europe and also the states, might be worth putting a wanted add up (after joining and paying the membership fee) and include "wanted Supra in the states" in the title so it might grab there eye more.

any pics of the dodge?

08-05-15, 10:05

08-05-15, 11:46
Most likely will post a wanted add, most supras here in the states are about 25-30 thousand. For now i only have one photo on my phone of my car to post, may post a couple more later on