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Dave Carroll
29-04-15, 21:07
Hi All,

Thought I would join the forum after years of looking in from the outside after finally fulfilling the dream of owning my first Supra.

I've researched for many, many years, and after living in Japan for the last 6 months, I finally had enough saved for a proper toy.
After driving a modified R32 GTR around Fuji Speedway, I was leaning towards one of those as I could only find auto TT's for similar price (not bashing the auto box, but as its primarily a weekend toy and I plan the odd track day, wanted a manual).

Anyway, I have some cosmetic work to do to get exactly as I want, but can't fault it mechanically - just awesome...
A few quick picks of my latest addition to my fleet ;) - TT6 BPU:




29-04-15, 21:09
Welcome to the family Dave :)

29-04-15, 21:12

29-04-15, 21:23
Welcome to group, supra looks stunning

Dave Carroll
29-04-15, 21:26
Thanks guys

Kind of undecided... originally wanted standard bumpers with rear spats and maybe carbon diffuser/splitters.
But growing to really like the Bomex front now!

29-04-15, 23:16
Welcome to the club :) and great choice of colour on your supra ;)