View Full Version : N/a supra downpipe.

29-04-15, 20:44
Hello everyone, I am new to the club and a very proud owner of a 1996 n/a auto facelift. However I have a problem with the downpipe that connects to the 1st cat, problem being that the ribbed looking section is cracked and was wandering if the cat can be removed and refitted to a newly made piece of pipe. The rest of the exhaust is a cat back system already so dont want to lose the front cat. Any advise or expertise would be very much appreciated. Thanks all for taking the time to read about my problems.

30-04-15, 07:29
The downpipe you are talking about sounds like the second cat?

If correct, you may not even need the second cat. My NA passed emissions without the second cat. I believe some have even passed without any.

I would just get it repaired as best as possible and replace the broken exhaust items. Get a photo of the exact piece of exhaust broken, and either someone with the same problem can advise or someone having a spare unit can sell you one for next to nothing.