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29-04-15, 16:27
Hi all,

Thought it was about time i found a Supra forum to join, start researching some more, and making some friends within the 'Supra world'.

I have always hankered after a Supra TT, and I don't think it will be tooooo long before I end up buying one.

I have had/have quite a few cars.
I am one half of www.appreciating-classics.com and before this, I worked with Rover V8's for a long time.

I have actually never been in a Supra TT, so of course have never driven one but both myself and my partner love them.

Personally we have a MK7 Golf R as our daily car, and I also have a 40k mile One owner MK2 Astra GTE.
The GTE is sold and will be gone in 3-4 weeks.

Obviously I enjoy the cars through the business, but I like to have a toy/project/ car that is my own also.
I have been watching the prices of Supra TT's for a while now, and with some other priorities it wont be just yet that I get one, but the other half is keen for us to get one, as she loves cars almost as much as me, so who knows if the right car comes along.

We purchased the Golf R together, and I think we may end up doing the same with the Supra :)

Anyway, I am waffling already, so hello all.
I hope to have a poke around, and who knows, maybe even find the car for us :)

The Raven
29-04-15, 16:36
Hi dude.

Welcome, i suggest attending a local meet, we are all a nice bunch and happy to help with all things supra

29-04-15, 16:58
Hi and Welcome :) as above you should pop down to a local meet and im sure someone will be happy to take you for a spin

29-04-15, 17:06
Cheers for the welcome guys :)

Much appreciated.

I will take a look at the meet section, and see if anything is on and I am available to attend one, as it would be great to get some proper feedback, and have a proper look around a couple of cars.
I have two young daughters (9 & 6 years old).... Does anybody have young children and if so, how do they find the back seats of the Supra?

Obviously it would only be on the odd occasion for a show or such like here and there.

The Raven
29-04-15, 17:21
How tall are you.? My drivers seat is all the back at 6.2 so no one is sitting behind me. The Mrs can fit in the front and leave enough leg room for child.

29-04-15, 17:23
Hi and welcome :)

Your kids should be OK if they are just using booster cushions. There is literally zero leg room behind the seats at full stretch so you may need to go uncomfortably close to the steering wheel when driving (depends on your size really, I'm 6'5 and 19st so I struggle a bit lol).

You may notice you're slightly lacking in privileges at the moment. This site comes with a membership for the premium, all you can eat, service. It's 10 a year, or if you fancy sticking around longer it's 30 till the end of time.

Best of luck in your hunt :)

30-04-15, 09:08
Thanks for the replies guys :)

I am 6'2, but I don't have particularly long legs, and tend to sit fairly close.
I think the girls will be ok, well they will have to be :)

They love cars, and I know when I get a Supra, they will most certainly want to go out in it from time to time.

I always join an owners club when I own a particular car, so I will be joining up for sure ;)

Here are a couple of pics of the daily

http://www.mkivsupras.co.uk/imports/2015/04/856.jpg (http://s143.photobucket.com/user/savagev8/media/IMG_7169_zpsok8couul.jpg.html)

http://www.mkivsupras.co.uk/imports/2015/04/16.png (http://s143.photobucket.com/user/savagev8/media/IMG_7219_zpsx3dw4owg.png.html)

http://www.mkivsupras.co.uk/imports/2015/04/857.jpg (http://s143.photobucket.com/user/savagev8/media/aaron5_zpszlwjzc5m.jpg.html)

I know its not a Supra, but it is a damn good car :)
The GTE is nearing completion and the Focus RS is sold now, that has 3600 miles & one owner from new.