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29-04-15, 02:41
My name is Christopher McMechan, I do not own a Supra yet but I have learned just about everything I possibly can about them. They are my dream vehicle and well it's time for me to find my baby. I'm 27 and about to be a single father and will need the weekends to be taken up with projects and I'm pretty sure a Supra will do quite nice at that. Other than that I'm just a normal Supra lover like most of yall on here and can't wait to get some more friends that are in love with vehicles as much as me and a few of my friends do even though they own a Civic, RX-7, and FR-S among others that are not really my cup o' tea. I personally own a 2008 Suzuki SX4 sport, 1986 Chevy Camaro Iroc-Z, and a 2006 Roketa euro dirt bike thing.

The Raven
29-04-15, 05:46
Hi there congrats on a cracking first post

I don't know a lot about the supra scene in the states, as this is many a UK site. But there is a wealth of know age here