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28-04-15, 17:31
Hi all,

I need to activate my account very quíckly, because interesting parts are for sale here.. I have -94 E85 converted single turbo under construction. Car should be ready in June and my target ís break 300 km/h in one mail challenge..

See you!

28-04-15, 17:41
:welcome: car looks like a great example, will be interested to follow your build :)

28-04-15, 19:56
I don't go for white Supras usually but that one looks awesome!

28-04-15, 20:51

What is your engine spec?
300kph in a mile event is achievable with 800bhp.

29-04-15, 16:13
Before rebuild output was 705 hp / 890 nm. Stock engine with Holset HX50 MFS, GSC Power Division stage 2 cams, Link G4 ecu, 4" stainless steel exhaust, EV14 2200cc injectors+E85.

Engine parts for new setup:
Titan billet main caps
Titan crank pulley
Ferrea bronze valve guides
BC valves
BC springs & titanium retainers
BC conrods
Wiseco race 86,5 mm pistons, compression ratio 10:1
Billet cambelt bracket
ARP main & head stud kits
Welded crank sprocket
Water & Oil pump
AC delete kit
ACL race bearings
ATI damper
Cylinder head optimized with small modifications

29-04-15, 16:18
New wheels for season 2015. Reason for changing old Work wheels away was 5x130 bolts.. Better to have original 5x114,3

29-04-15, 16:30
Will you stay on the same turbo?

29-04-15, 16:44
At this moment yes, soon we will see how much power it can produce.. Hopefully enough to reach 300 kmh ;-)