View Full Version : New to forum, VVTI & Turbo Q's

28-04-15, 06:44
Hi guys, new to forum, names Aaron

Down to business, looking to run a modest 300kw Max supra.
Focus on being a daily, good throttle response & takeoff.
Mostlikely N/A-T, VVT-i, cams, exhaust, ECU, Tune.
Few questions:

Done abit of lurking here and seen a lot of people who have
Opted to use a non VVT-i engine when turboing. What is the
Actual difficulty in turbocharging a VVT-i car? Specifics here
Would really help. I've tried looking for the answer to no avail.

Is it better to buy a GTE bottom and VVT-i seperate? Or buy a
GTE VVT-i engine as a whole? Im in Australia so factor in cost.

Looking to have this car for another 10yrs, so can I effectively
Run a safe and healthy 300RWKW on the GE w/ 5spd tranny or
Do I have to upgrade to GTE bottom with 6spd Getrag. Always
Get a lot of different answers to this for the simple fact everyone
Mixes up Engine kW with Rear wheel kW with braking horsepower
With engine horsepower. A stable RWKW number would be highly
Appreciated. I doubt I could run 300kW safely on the 5spd w/ GE
but who knows?

Thanks for your answers, sure some billion people have asked the
Kw on tranny & engine question before so if you don't feel like
Answering it, I will find it eventually. Cheers all 

- Aaron

EDIT: goals
$8k AUD Startup budget, $3k per months after. 4yr planned build.
Open license holder = minimal restrictions on mods as long as its
Mod plated/engineered/blue certificate.