View Full Version : My new Supra!

27-04-15, 07:17
Greetings from Swindon!

So on Saturday I bought my new Supra, very happy with it. Although it is a bit "riced" I think is the term?

http://www.mkivsupras.co.uk/imports/2015/04/808.jpg (http://s40.photobucket.com/user/snowdog-ash/media/Mobile%20Uploads/0E009876-209B-4634-AFB0-E1A509AC500E_zpsfy3g6wvy.jpg.html)

My plan is standard standard standard for now.

So she's covered 71k, 7k since Her last major service and timing belt, condition is a bit... Worn. But I'd love to restore it.

Hope to see you all around the forum and meets etc!


tony tt
27-04-15, 08:18
Welcome Ash. Good luck with the car mate all the best. Na or TT?

27-04-15, 08:46
:welcome: looking forward to your updates, post some more pictures of the car up when you get chance :)

The Raven
27-04-15, 08:52
Welcome the only thing rice is that spoiler

27-04-15, 08:53
welcome nice to see that you know how to look after a car

27-04-15, 09:33
Rice :D always makes me chuckle when someone says that about a car

27-04-15, 10:35
congrats, does not look ricey. even the bit overcrowded bomex front bumper serves its purpose.

27-04-15, 11:50
Cheers for the feedback! It's an NA, couldn't afford a TT haha.

The bumper has been very badly put on, I'm afraid it might need to coe off :-(

27-04-15, 14:50
Love those three spokes!