View Full Version : Membership Paid :) So Reintroducing Myself

22-04-15, 13:36
Good Afternoon All,

I've been lerking around on here for far too long as an unpaid member so finally took the plunge...

Attended my first Supra meet just before Xmas at Miller and Carter Penn and met some really nice people and had the pleasure of been taken out for a "slow" potter in Little & Big Num's Supras .....WOW

Have already contacted Jurgen to get a quote for Importing my Supra over so now i have a figure to work to my saving account is open and its my main priority, well after i take delivery of my new Go Kart :eyebrows:

Looking forward to getting along to some meets this year and eventually taking delivery of my very own Supra


22-04-15, 13:41
Hi mate was good to meet you at the xmas meal and glad you have started to sort your Supra out bet you cant wait :) I haven't got my blue one that was there anymore I have a different one now (can see in my project thread linked in my signature if interested)

Welcome :)

22-04-15, 16:39
Yeah i have seen you got rid of the blue one :(

Build threads get me through the day...until i get mine haha,