View Full Version : Fitting a rear strut brace(Cusco)

21-04-15, 22:22
I know I've seen a thread on this somewhere ,but can't find a definitive guide Anybody know where or if one exists I have searched I know they won't do much if any good : but I've bought the bloody thing so it's bloody going on If I think I won't make a cats arse of it Thankyou

Al Massey
21-04-15, 22:24
It just bolts in

21-04-15, 22:27
As said it just bolts in, why have you bought it

21-04-15, 22:33
Mines just bolted on but I have cut a couple of slits in my carpet so it looks nice and neat

21-04-15, 23:38
Mines just bolted on but I have cut a couple of slits in my carpet so it looks nice and neat

Mines like this too :)

22-04-15, 09:56

Post 64, half way down :thumbs:

22-04-15, 17:35
Thanks for the help every one Especially you SPG for the link to the pics Why did I buy it? It was after a session on Vimto ,a packet of Polos and Cherry Lips Far out dude Somewhere else man It just talked to me The seductive soft sheen of alloy caressed my eyes I had to have it Now she's mine all mine

22-04-15, 18:59
You need to ditch the polo's and cherry lips my friend and get on the haribo's :D

22-04-15, 19:28
I have a cusco strut. You need to trim the plastics inside.the bit on either side where the strut bolts in. You can trim your carpet if you want your strut to show.

22-04-15, 20:55
Thanks again for the help Might have been the Buckfast (when ogling the strut brace)come to think
of it : or the blow- not that blow,N Ireland blow Take a pint glass fill it half way , or according to taste, with milk,top up with methylated spirit;then for that certain something , take a rubber hose ,connect to a cylinder of cooking gas,insert into the glass,and give it a quick bubble. There you go .People who drink it swear you will never take a cold or flu ever again Think I'll stick to Vimto