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20-04-15, 12:25
I have a supra mk4 from "1993" but on my paperwork from Englang says
the car is from 1998: /

date of first registration 30-06-1998 (it must be a mistake)
date of first registration in the UK 30-06-1998 (it may be correct)

My problem is the car can not registrat in Denmark because it says 1998 :(

I should proof the car is from before 1998 I think it is from 1993.

Toyota Denmark can not help me.

is a nice person in England who can help me? talk with Toyota UK? otherwise find any data on the car and proof it's from before 1998? and at the same time is something I can get signature and send to me.

it has been running with plate in the uk. RIL 9704
VIN JZA80-0003250 otherwise JZA80-ALPQZ JZA80 0003250

Regards Chris from Denmark

20-04-15, 12:52
I can't see why Toyota UK couldn't so it probably is just a case of calling them and asking for a letter of proof to be sent to you.

20-04-15, 13:01
It was imported and registered on that date. So date first registration is correct.

20-04-15, 14:41
The following link puts your car in the May 1993 category. it links Chassis number to month of manufacture for all production years.....hope this helps


20-04-15, 22:51
Chris 6t9
it's Toyota in Denmark who can not see any of the data on the car
they can not figure it out. do you have a phone number or an email address to a Toyota dealer in england? best with an email address :)

date in England is perhaps really but I need the right date for when the car is built.

scooter I can try to look at it but it may not be proof enough in Denmark I need it in writing to exact my car from Toyota or something like that

21-04-15, 11:16
Toyota uk can be got on 0344 701 6202

10-05-15, 00:17
Hey, I've got the right pair now :) thanks