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17-04-15, 13:34
Hi Everyone.
My son has a supra 98 3.0 tt auto & he asked me to look at his reversing lights as one was out on the drivers side, took the lights off & drivers side light has been disconnected & rewired as a fog
light i think, is it compulsory to have a foglight in england,anyway passenger side looking from rear wires all off same for all lights that side, drivers side reverse light cut (red & white wires) &
wired separate on its own through a different grommet hole as i am thinking its a fog light i cant find a switch in the car turn it on is it me or am i missing something. HELP, THX.Hope i"m in right section.

17-04-15, 21:26
All the fog lights on JSPECs are retro fitted. There a few ways of retro fitting:-

1.Adding a nasty aftermarket light
2. Using one of the reverse lights as afog
3. Using the additional brake lights as rear fogs

If your sons car is an import it will have been retrofitted and the switch will be somewhere around the dash as it is needed for UK MOTs

Try looking on the panels under the steering wheel next to the drivers knees. There will be a small switch somewhere retro fitted by an someone.

By the way its always nice to introduce yourself under new members and place tech queries in technical;)

18-04-15, 08:35
YEah sorry about that realised later & put it in tech afterwards, was looking for a way to transfer it over but could not find it.

My lads car 98 supra vvti tt tiptronic has a carbon wrap dash & he says apparently there are 2 holes underneath the wrap,previous owner must have took it out probably to wrap dash & did"nt put it back in, i will have to sort it out using brake light as fog is best option i think.THX jonc.