View Full Version : Forza horizon fast and furious

27-03-15, 22:24
Heads up, this standalone dlc is currently free on xbox live and you don't need the full forza horizon game to play it.

Just won the supra! 199358

Dim Sum
27-03-15, 23:11
Thanks for the heads up. Going to download it now

28-03-15, 15:30
I got it whats your username chaps i will look you up

28-03-15, 20:13
Xbox 360, kendoskeg11 not sure if it has multi player though?

28-03-15, 21:48
Need to download this. My xbox one is being a massive bell with live right now though

Big Supes
28-03-15, 21:56
Downloaded and Supra obtained. :) It sounds so sweet when it's sat in the garage.

28-03-15, 22:51
The race against the Apache is quite cool, just make sure that you save some nitrous for the end ;)

Dim Sum
29-03-15, 00:28
Xbox 360, kendoskeg11 not sure if it has multi player though?

You can play multi player, you just need to progress further in the game. :)

My username is FightersBlue

The download is available till the 10th of April

29-03-15, 00:30
Ah cool, I need to drag myself away from battlefield and play some more tomorrow.

I'm on 360 so feel free to add me anybody.

29-03-15, 06:53
Thanks for the heads up, downloading!

29-03-15, 07:32
Kinda dissapointed you don't get to transfer the cars to the main game (Horizon 2), would love to add that white Supra to the garage it's a bit more special than the ones we get!

Managed to get all 10 cars and once you get the 20 bonus boards you are gifted a black Supra in Horizon 2 with some awful vinyl, was still fun though!

Am on XBOX ONE is we are doing adds...mason2jz