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peter richards
05-03-15, 23:36
my SBT Sammy qualified for crufts , so Saturday morning he goes into the show ring , fingers crossed he does well
this is him at the show he qualified in
http://i21.photobucket.com/albums/b298/par96/236611b8-728b-454c-a912-8aeb3ed30fb6.jpg (http://s21.photobucket.com/user/par96/media/236611b8-728b-454c-a912-8aeb3ed30fb6.jpg.html)

06-03-15, 07:36
Goodluck for saturday :)

peter richards
06-03-15, 08:47
thank you

06-03-15, 10:48
Good luck Peter. Give him a wash/wax/minor correctional detail today too if you have time :d

Hitbox Junkie
06-03-15, 10:53
Good luck. great looking dog :)

06-03-15, 11:14
Beautiful looking dog, me and my partner recently got a SBT and love her to bits!

06-03-15, 11:15
Good luck Peter! We're not going this year but will be watching on TV.

Chris Wilson
06-03-15, 12:01
All the best, my Anatolian Karabash has been three times and placed twice, but her propensity for fighting has now seen her with a piece of ear flap missing, so no more shows for the devil!

I was hoping to go today to see the Anatolians, the Bouviers and the Komondors, but work precludes. My friends Dave and Kris Brock are taking at least one of their Komondors this year. Those of you old enough to remember Hawkwind will know who Dave Brock is....


Have a great show!!

06-03-15, 13:17
Have a great time and best of luck!!! We often go see Crufts every couple of years

06-03-15, 13:20
Make sure you copyright this picture too otherwise the EBay seller ounces might make a fibreglass copy :d

06-03-15, 14:08
reminds me of my mrs..... a great looking dog

06-03-15, 14:10
Make sure you copyright this picture too otherwise the EBay seller ounces might make a fibreglass copy :d

hahahah wonder how many G.R.A.M.S He weighs?

06-03-15, 19:21
Beautiful dog mate, very good luck, I've had a staff for two years, rescue dog was badly treated, always get such a bad rep,this is "Beau" pronounced "bo" she's two198429

peter richards
07-03-15, 21:41
hi guys thank you all for the kind wishes , just got home from a very long day , Sammy didn't get placed in a very strong junior field , hes only just out of puppy so up againsed a lot more mature dogs , but hes only done a handful of shows and for him to qualify was a result for us in itself.
his father went on to win the best of breed, fantastic result for his dad

Hitbox Junkie
09-03-15, 06:57
Nice one peter. lovely looking doggy :)