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04-03-15, 21:33
As above. I'm mike just bought a supra.
Not new to Toyota turbo as I've had lots of gt4's and still have a st165
I live in sunny old barnsley and only seen one other supra round these parts

This is my new toy. ( if photos load )
29k miles and as clean as it can be. New coilover ordered as back ends a bit soft. Has some toys fitted and print out of 385hp but yet to prove that.

Chris Bailey
04-03-15, 21:36
Welcome to the forum!

Nice find, not a fan of the eyebrows and front bumper however. That car is begging for a stock front bumper and a nice set of wheels :) Thats just my opinion though.

04-03-15, 21:38
Hi and welcome. What front bumper is that ?

Hitbox Junkie
04-03-15, 21:39
Nice find :)

Welcome to the party house :)

04-03-15, 22:05
Bumper no idea. Light covers not to my taste but glued on so for the time being there staying. And not so much a find. Was on ebay and no bids so drove 260 mile just to look and the car was more than I expected.
The toys are hks evc but no idea how to set it up as it's an old evc 2 I think. Greddy egt gauge. greddy boost gauge. Greddy oil temp gauge and some alarm that go's nuts everytime I see a camara. Some rear box but can't remember the name. Still has both cats tho. I can hold 1.2bar so guessing I've a fcd. And I've done over 120 so guessing speed limiter done too
Apart from wheels scrubbing and overdrive and kick down not working and drivers seat not sliding forward but motor working ?its a nice car. Feel free to point me to the kick down overdrive how to thread please haha.
It's almost a joy to drive just need to coilovers asap

04-03-15, 22:47
Hello Sausage ;)

(I just wanted to comment to say that)

04-03-15, 22:50
Welcome to the club. The car looks really tidy and amazingly low mileage; as above those eyebrows give it a more... homeland look to it.

04-03-15, 23:01
Haha sausage was a nickname I was given about 10 year ago. And as soon as some head lights pop up at the right price graham the covers will be gone. I'm happy with it. This is for plodding about and going car shows. I've a bmw e36 compact for drifting and a forged st165 gt4 to have fun in. Once I've finished fixing it that is.

04-03-15, 23:12
One of our resident Hobbiest's Scott does headlight refurbs. You might be able to pick up a very cheap set that he could fix and still save money, unless you wanted either uk glass or facelift ones.

04-03-15, 23:23
Are Ric's Glass headlights still for sale? Saw them posted earlier.

05-03-15, 00:03
I can do the refurb work but the glue is that bad it's out ways the effort of just buying some. I'll have to have a look out for him on here

05-03-15, 00:06
Hi and welcome. What front bumper is that ?

Abflug Type 1 front bumper ;)

05-03-15, 00:10
Welcome to the forum Sausage!

Put a wanted ad up if you are looking for a set of second hand headlights. :)

That seat belt doesn't look like it has seen 29k :D

05-03-15, 08:12
Will do abz.

05-03-15, 09:34
Welcome. Love the name.

06-03-15, 20:34
Thanks for the welcomes guys.

06-03-15, 21:17

06-03-15, 23:26
welcome mate ill have some 2nd hand headlights for sale soon (tomorrow/sunday)
They were cleaned up by a bodyshop but there are the usual signs of corrosion so ill be letting them go for cheapish. 100 picked up (im from Huddersfield) or 120 delivered.

Ill take off the car pics tomorrow when i pick them up