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24-01-05, 11:06
Hello missed you all xxx

Lots of new people on here!

Can someone help me caption this picture?


24-01-05, 11:17
Wet Beaver Large Cock

24-01-05, 11:37
Bloody hell! Where you been hiding mate??

Bill Prawn
24-01-05, 11:49
Hi Far,

Welcome back.

'Large soaking beaver heads for old cowboy with a giant cock' :blink:

24-01-05, 11:51
Welcome back mate! - see the humour hasn't changed :p ;)

Bill Prawn
24-01-05, 11:51
"It's a little otter over there than it is here on the range" remarked the wrinkled old farmer with a horny bird. :looney:

24-01-05, 11:52
I don't care how wet it is, that cock will not fit in that beaver :eek:

24-01-05, 13:07
LMAO! Hello guys missed you all.

Trig - Been around mate - more reading than posting I been a busy boy recently scheming to get some readys to buy myself a new house and late model NSX (yes the dream lives on lol).Also been looking at costing in supercharging :nana: hubba hubba :D

I very nearly bought a TT auto the other week to keep me going but decided not to as it was red - dirt cheap though.Also people driving them seem younger and younger! which isnt a bad thing but I wonder how long it will be (if ever) before they go the flower of max.

P.S. Prawny top marks for noticing its a horny bird/cock and not just a standard bird/cock lol

24-01-05, 13:42
the bigger the cock, the wetter the beaver :D

24-01-05, 17:20
who are you....... name rings a bell...... ah yes.... hello, quasi modo where ya bin? :D

Amazing grace
25-01-05, 00:44
I will leave the rude captions to the boys!!!!PMSL

Good to hear you are still following the dream.

Sheena :)

25-01-05, 20:18
Hello Shaf(ter) hope you are well :D I've been around

AG- nice to hear from you too! hope all is well and the mods are still slowly being added! You got a bodykit yet?

26-01-05, 14:48
you'll be shaf(ted) when oxy finishes with you :p