View Full Version : j spec bpu 6 speed

04-02-15, 16:59
my bpu j spec making 425 whp @1.2 bar but running lean.. mods hks exhaust hks intercooler k&n air filter

i hope i uploaded the grapg correct..this is a video link also


04-02-15, 17:08
That sounds like a very ambitious power figure to me

04-02-15, 17:31
the car is like that for the last 5 years..no issues..i always had 1.2 bar from the exhaust only..i decided to install a boost controller a few days ago and the car starts to overboost and apparently running lean..no mods no nothing..just exhaust and intercooler..

04-02-15, 17:36
Running lean is not the word 14 afr at wot at full boost :faint: I see some very serious issues coming your way running that lean :bang:
So I expect the dyno reading to be close as that engine must be near on exploding
That afr needs to be down to around 11.5 max

04-02-15, 17:41
Didn't even bother to look at the afr plot!
Yeah, I'd agree, should be nearer 11 on full boost dude.
You're in danger of melting pistons!

04-02-15, 18:41
Just seen the video your first turbo sounds high pitched

04-02-15, 18:43
first thing i am installing a wallbro 255..but the strange thing is that the car has been like this for the last 5 years (since i bought it ) and another 6-7 i guess before that and had no issues at all..is there a chance that the dyno and the afr sensors used to be faulty? do not know...i am lost

04-02-15, 18:44
what do you mean high pitched? pls explain cause i did not get it..lol

04-02-15, 19:19
The enitial whistle of the first turbo just seems high pitched more of a sharper whistle then I remember, could be the camera though

04-02-15, 20:02
can not be 100% sure but the car sounds normal all these years..maybe its my phones camera

18-02-15, 19:48
what FCD have you got, I guess HKS?

19-02-15, 13:42
Do you have a restrictor ring or a cat left in the exhaust? Boost controller may not be hooked up properly if over boosting i guess but not sure that would give the leaning issue.