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20-01-05, 20:39
Just wondering who else is going, where your camping, and what dates your off.. I'll start off...

Scooby_doo_do*12 - Camping Expo - 13/6/05 - 20/6/05

Soop Dogg
27-01-05, 17:31
Me 'n' Angie.

Camping Beausejour.

17th 'til 20th.

Soop Dogg
23-05-05, 20:10
So who else is going?

Has anyone else heard for sure that the pit walk is on Thursday this year???


23-05-05, 20:22
I'll be there, in Houx with a few TVRs. Going on the Thursday this year, getting to Le Mans on the Friday. We've got a stripes theme this year, so the Supe will have white viper stripes... :p

Class One
23-05-05, 21:38
I'm going on the Tuesday, camping Maison Blanche look out for mine and a black Veilside kitted Supra.

23-05-05, 22:35
Come over to Expo and visit us if you get bored....

Theres a pub right oposite where we are camping...

I'm taking the supe again this year, although i need to sort out the breakdown cover (Just in case)!

06-06-05, 15:56
Anyone else going then?

I'm off on Monday.... Just counting the days now.... :-) and getting all ready and syked :drown:

09-06-05, 11:42
Surely oh Surely.. There is more than 3 supra's going this year ??

You all boring :limp:

What more do you kot want... Beer, cars, more beer, cars... more beer..

More beer...

More beer...

More beer.....

More beer...


09-06-05, 12:20
ME! :) In convoy with Soop and Angie :)
We all leave Norwich on the 15th and don't get home till the 21st! :woot:

Just had the car serviced and I'm ready to roll :D

Class One
09-06-05, 15:14
Alex, where are you camping?

I'm camping Maison Blanche between Porsche Curves and Ford Chicane.

09-06-05, 15:24
Camping Beausejour with Soop Dogg, Ian C and Digsy.
Soop Dogg is the one to ask - he's been before and is leading the rest of us by the hand so to speak.

09-06-05, 18:23
Yep, I'll be there. Should be fun, fun, fun!!!

12-06-05, 23:25
Right, I'm off in the morning... So maybe i'll see some people there...

Have a good one chaps/chapesses...

ps. I'll most prob be in the pub by the entrance opposite expo camping :-)

Supra's all serviced and waxed ready for the drive....

Ian C
14-06-05, 17:56
I'm off to LeMans tomorrow with Digsy and Soop Dogg and Alex and some other chums :thumbs:

So may I point people here (http://www.mkivsupra.net/vbb/forumdisplay.php?f=69) as cover for while I'm out hahaha :D


14-06-05, 23:52
Well, I'm signing off for a week, off to Le Mans in the morning. You guys are welcome to pop in to Houx on your way to the circuit - you won't be able to miss us as we're all viper striped. Even the paddling pool for beer cooling has viper stripes! Woohoo, gonna be a great one this year I can feel it!