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21-12-14, 12:52
I did have a supra a few years ago, and I am tempted to get back into ownership soon for the right car, have a budget of 18k which I'm hoping will pick me up a nice single with low mileage

I am from leigh on sea in Essex

21-12-14, 13:28
Welcome! I don't think there will be any problems finding a nice car with that amount of money!

22-12-14, 09:54
Welcome to the club as mentioned above you'll find a nice one for that, there's a stunning one on here atm for 23k (if it's still available) if your budget would stretch abit further but you will find a decent one for that budget anyway

22-12-14, 10:41
Cheers shawn....someone needs to pull the trigger on the car you wont find one more worthy of its price tag.