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15-12-14, 18:38
Engine Type - Single Turbo was TT originally

Engine Spec - whifbitz Built Engine with Mahle 86.5mm pistons and Manley rods. Whifbitz stage 3 head. Whifbitz 280 cams. Hypertune 90mm. ETS 4" ic.

Turbo - Pte 7675dbb cea 0.96 A/R.

Fuel Used - shell vpower 99oktan

Fuel setup- injector dynamics 1300 injectors, single magnafuel 625 pump

Exhaust - Homemade 3,5" exhaust burns muffler

Transmission - V160

ECU - AEM v2

Mapped By - Kenneth (k-tech)

Dyno Used - dynopack Hub Dyno

Power figure - 868 rhhp

Torque figure - 870 nm

Boost Pressure - 1.6 bar


15-12-14, 18:54
crazy power!
do you have any videos and pictures of you car?

15-12-14, 18:55
Nice setup.

Sorry, but I expected more when I read your setup.

Do you have ethanol available?

You pushed 640ftlbs ; my tiny turbo (67mm) did 602ftlbs on crappy pump fuel and 703 with 50% ethanol.

15-12-14, 19:02
Supra_ufo have a thread in the project sektion :)

15-12-14, 19:07
Luxluc. Don't think it is disappointing at 1,6bar on strait vpower .. and we don't have anything else performance fuel than shell vpower

15-12-14, 19:33
Luxluc. Don't think it is disappointing at 1,6bar on strait vpower .. and we don't have anything else performance fuel than shell vpower

Roger that.

No offense mate .... I just expected 950+ at the hubs on such a big turbo.

It's a pity you have no E85 at your's ... it changes the characteristic of the car drastically.

15-12-14, 19:35
Do you have 3" or 4" DP/MP?

15-12-14, 19:37
Non taken. Didn't expect more than this at 1,6bar and vpower. Have to take a look on the coils and sparks. Didt have some noise on the ignition so we called it a day. But yes better fuel next. And the 1000+ more boost is a sure thing

15-12-14, 19:38
3,5" as the diameter of the turbo and 3,5" all the way

15-12-14, 19:40

Why did you not turn up the boost higher.
I guess such a turbo needs boost. ;)

15-12-14, 19:42
My tuner said there came some noise in the ignition.

16-12-14, 08:44
Do you have a video of your Supra mate?

16-12-14, 16:05
Only a couple in my build thread

17-12-14, 16:17
Nice results!!

Planning to take it to the strip?

Should be a 9sec car with ~150mph traps :)

17-12-14, 17:28
i think thats an epic figure for 1.6 bar, only really starting to get to its efficiency range as well.
will be some nice numbers coming out of it once fully wound up.

Response looks fairly decent as well for a turbo that size, did you get the twin scroll housing or vband? Are you setting your rev limit at 8k? Must have to be quick on the gearshift with the size of the power band and the way it will eat that small rev window.

Traction must be a sizeable issue with the steep torque curve!

17-12-14, 18:01
Will take it down the 1/4 yes :) next on the list is a killer rear-end and driveline set-up.

The turbo is an open house. And the rev- limit is just set there for the first tune. Will probably drive it as is for now. Never driven anything with over 450hp before 😁

17-12-14, 18:19
Nice results there Tobias, and there appears to be room for more if one feels inclined to do so.

I'm sure 850+ bhp is more than enough. What kind of traction are you getting?

17-12-14, 19:13
Ah that's fair enough then.
It will be a good bit of fun believe me!
I've just stepped in to big boy power as well and it's addictive. You just want to go quicker.

Have driven 4 figure hp cars before but never owned them. It's an experience and I know I'm only going to want to throw money at it so I must restrain ��
Enjoy it. I know you will! May have to give you a shot at pod and see how we get on!

23-12-14, 14:44
What is the big dip in around 6000rpm?