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Ibrar Jabbar
16-08-14, 23:49
Engine Type - 2JZ GTE VVTi Single Turbo

Engine Spec -

ARP Head Studs
ARP Rod Bolts
ARP Main Bolts
Clevite bearings
Forged Wiseco pistons
Forged EagleRods
1.2mm HKS headgasket
Titan crank damper pulley
Unorthdox racing pulleys
Titan cam pulley (EXH)
HKS 264 race cams (EXH)
TRD thermostat
HKS Timing belt
Tial 50mm BOV
5 ETS Front mount Intercooler
1000cc Injector Dynamics injectors
Hypertune inlet manifold
90mm Corvette LS7 DBW throttle body

Turbo - Borg Warner S300 91-79

Fuel Used - Shell V-Power

Exhaust - (4" Custom)

Transmission - (V161)

ECU - (Syvecs)

Mapped By - Ryan G

Dyno Used - AME @ Silverstone

Power figure - 727 Hub hp

Torque figure - 664 lbft

Boost Pressure - ()


16-08-14, 23:55
Serious dyno graph, I bet that's good fun to drive, I want the same from mine.

Ibrar Jabbar
17-08-14, 00:06
It is Jamie, however I feel acceleration in first gear is a little slow.

17-08-14, 00:14
Surprised at that, does it make full boost in first? What is traction like?

Ibrar Jabbar
17-08-14, 00:26
Spins up 1st and 2nd with traction off (on hard acceleration). I'm sure its making full boost but now you have mentioned it, I will double check. Hopefully Pod will go ahead and we can compare.

17-08-14, 00:38
What diff are you running?

17-08-14, 07:43
Ryan often limits boost in first gear. He did so on mine.