View Full Version : Steve's BL366 HF turbo Setup

15-08-14, 11:41
Engine Type - Single Turbo was TT originally

Engine Spec - Built Engine with CP Pistons and Carillo Rods, Whifbitz Stage 3 Built Head, SRD Stage 3 camshafts, Greddy Style intake manifold with Corvette DBW throttle body, ID1000 fuel injectors, Whifbitz Exhaust manifold.

Turbo - BoostLab BL366HF with .91 A/R Twin Scroll.

Fuel Used - Tesco 99

Exhaust - Modified BL 4" system, with additional silencers

Transmission - V160

ECU - Syvecs

Mapped By - 2barTuning

Dyno Used - AME

Power figure - 821 hub HP

Torque figure - 644 ftlbs

Boost Pressure - 1.8bar

Sorry for the poor picture.