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15-08-14, 09:14
When posting your dyno results please can you also include the following information.

Engine Type - (Single, TT, N/A-T, N/A etc)

Engine Spec - (Stock, built engine, built head, injectors, nitrous etc)

Turbo - (Precison 6266, BW S366 etc, also include the a/r of the exhaust housing)

Fuel Used - (Shell V-Power, Tesco 99, Ethanol)

Exhaust - (4" Boostlogic, 3" Whifbitz etc)

Transmission - (V160, W58, R154, A340 Auto)

ECU - (Emanage, Syvecs, AEM etc)

Mapped By -

Dyno Used - (SRR, AME etc)

Power figure - (also state whether fly, wheel or hub hp)

Torque figure -

Boost Pressure - (1.5bar, 1.9bar etc)

Also upload your dyno graph to the forum at the bottom.

To upload images please have a read of this thread - http://www.mkivsupra.net/vbb/showthread.php?247543-How-to-Attach-images-to-a-post-thread&highlight