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23-07-14, 16:03
Hey all...

Noob Supra owner here, just bought a NA Shell from Keron and will be totally rebuilding over the next coming months to spec that I would like. Im sure you all are familiar with the car however I will post a build thread in the next few days.

Glad to be a member and look forward to meeting you all as soon as the car is on road.


23-07-14, 16:47
Welcome! Good luck with the build.:)

23-07-14, 16:54

23-07-14, 17:19
Welcome to the club. Looking forward to reading your build thread! What are your plans?

23-07-14, 17:38
Welcome :)

What are your plans?

Kaan W
23-07-14, 17:40
Hello and welcome, I look forward to what you have planned!

23-07-14, 17:51
Thanks guys.. much appreciated!!

Plans are...

Off the Bat.. chuck the BMX kit! Going the same style as the SUPRAMN Supra - the TRD wing.. will be fitting the ABFLUG version one wing with widened arches at the rear, also smoothing over the rear wiper and aerial.

Respray to Gloss black with ROTA Force gloss black rims.. ET and Sizes TBC depending on arches.

Complete interior do-ever in black leather and carbon fibre.

2JZ-GTE stock except for Cams and full HKS Ti system.. and obviously BPU+++++++.. quite happy to be sitting around the 450hp - 500hp mark as dont want anything too serious. And Manual.

Obviously quite a few more adjustments and tweaks to be done but will leave that a surprise for now..