View Full Version : Reading jap car owners club meet Tuesday 14th December

02-12-04, 19:37
Hello guys the next meet will be back @ Comet next to the Madejski stadium J11 M4 from 6PM til 9.30PM and there is deffo no football lol:)

The usual 150 plus jap beasts will be there so see you there.


05-12-04, 15:25
And no fireworks or red sierra's this time..... *grin*

Just kidding... see you there.


10-12-04, 23:57
wish I could go.. not sure if I'll have car though..


11-12-04, 00:32
I'll be there!

*provided I don't blow anything up at the dyno on Sunday * :innocent:

Graham S
12-12-04, 11:45
*cough*lift please someone *cough*

;) :D

12-12-04, 15:33
me too... :( need a lift..

anyone want to squize me into their car? :innocent:

Originally posted by Graham S
*cough*lift please someone *cough*

;) :D

13-12-04, 18:47
thanks very much to everyone who offered me a lift in their cars.

after consideration I decided to go along with a mor elocal person who will be driving through my area anyway.


13-12-04, 18:58
I reckon Graham S, Fat Sunny Pete and myself will be there...

Any other basingstoke people going? meet up at mickey d's?


16-12-04, 18:55
It has come to the clubs attention that yet again someone in a Supra has caused trouble at this event - to the extent that the organiser was approached by the police who witnessed what was going on.

Needless to say we are very dissappointed. The Reading jap meet is well established and has never had any problems before, so it is very sad to hear that trouble has started to be caused by Supra owners.

It may be that the people involved do not belong to this club, but if you are then please be aware that if there is any more trouble then us as a club will be banned from the meet (our decision, not the event organisers) and we will no longer advertise details of future Reading meets on this forum.

I warned you all what would happen last time if the police got involved. As it is they have turned a blind eye this once, but they will not the next time. Please do not let such childish behaviour happen again as I don't want our club to be known as the one that caused the very popular Reading meet to permanently cancelled.

slow dog
16-12-04, 20:26
kids today it will all end in tears one day...........
:flame Dev
from what i saw the supra went sideways out side of the meet
not in the car park. and then pulled in afterwards.
then the police pulled in 30 seconds later and def walk over to the police car and pointed the finger.
then the police man checked the tyres tax and reg and went on his way.

just thought i would get the story straight...
wonder if he told them about the other cars racing out side the meet at over 100mph

16-12-04, 20:28
Hmmm, once again, I will make my comments known (I am not one for keeping my thoughts to myself).....

Firstly, as far as I am aware these so-called activities did not take place anywhere inside the madeski complex or associated parking lots as I certainly did not see anything happen in the parking lot..

If MKIVSupra.Net doesn't wish to sanction these events then that is entirely up to those of you who maintain the board, however MKIVSupra.net can not dictate where I go in my vehicle. If this is at odds with those at MKIVSupra, then I would like to request a refund on my membership and I will delete my account.


16-12-04, 20:33
the other cars racing out side

Would that be the scooby owners club.... or the honda club?? or the red sierra with the white bumper again? :p

16-12-04, 20:59
I certainly didnt see anything happening in that car park - no police cars, nothing...


16-12-04, 21:09
You are missing something really special, seeing that red sierra with the white bumper is something special.....

China Man
16-12-04, 21:31
Seems like I missed all the action all together.

Wait....14th right, I was at home

dammit :devil:


slow dog
16-12-04, 23:01
dont worrie there will be more if people dont stop pointing the finger oh yeh drinking alchol on the street is against the law def
did you see me point the finger no
thats right cause i have loyalty and honour you have nothing
guess you was the one in school that was the book monitor

16-12-04, 23:42
Whoever was arsing around - you're a fcukwit! People like you ruin these events for the rest of us. No need, you just give us all a bad name and then wonder why people in nice cars like Supra's get pulled by the police.

slow dog - Please refrain from threatening people on this forum.

slow dog
16-12-04, 23:48
/edited because it was more mindless drivel...

17-12-04, 00:20
Snow dog has just phoned me and told me that im a dead man and when i told him that i didnt piont him out as thats not me. The police man who has come into the meet 2 or 3 times to see how were doing and likes the cars.
He said to me that the silver supra over there has been arsing around and that he knows the normal conduct is good.

I told him i didnt remmember the silver supra driver as all the people blend into one sorry for any trouble.

I told Snow dog alot of people on boards have complained to which his response was "after im finished with them (ie the people who think setting of fireworks and not giving it sideways action while there are still a few shoppers ,meet people,Children etc around).


He also said four people seen me piont him out even though like i said the police man who was very understanding that there are these sort of people pionted him out to me.

So snow dog if you want to talk like an adult ring me again and this time dont withhold your number as thats a bit weak if your gunna threaten someone.

I will let all the others know your piont of views now that you label me a grass as you put it.

AS for the rest have a merry X mas see you all around

17-12-04, 00:22
OK closing this for now.

slow dog - think whether you want to be banned from this forum or not before posting anymore of your outbursts or threatening other members.