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02-10-13, 23:32
Evening all,

Following on from my first hello post and little wanted advert, I met 'schemauk' today and bought his Supra, and I'm absolutely over the moon with it!

With it being a forum car some may have seen it already, but for everyone else it's an NA manual, currently on around 180000 but had a 55k engine/clutch and plenty of other bits in it just a few thousand miles ago.

http://i440.photobucket.com/albums/qq130/kendoskeg/Supra/20131002_115855_zps39541a7b.jpg (http://s440.photobucket.com/user/kendoskeg/media/Supra/20131002_115855_zps39541a7b.jpg.html)

Plenty of nice little touches here and there and schemauk was an absolute pleasure to deal with, really top bloke, and the car is stunning.

My last 'decent' car was an MR2, which ended up nearly bankrupting me, so I've spent the last 8 months driving first a Calibra and then a Hyundai Coupe. Both about as bland as you can get.

No real plans at the moment aside from superficial things like touching up the side repeaters, getting some UK headlights and other little bits and bobs. So before anyone shouts drop a T in it I'm just going to enjoy owning the Supra as it is for the time being as it's a car I've wanted for a very very long time.

I will hopefully get some more pictures up as the little jobs progress, and hopefully attend some meets in my area.

Based in Lincoln and I believe there is only one other Supra here that belongs to a chap also on the forum.

edit - seems to be a couple of us in Lincoln after a quick search??


03-10-13, 01:42
Congratulations on your purchase! Car looks clean.:thumbs:

Dim Sum
03-10-13, 02:40
congratulations and welcome to the forum:)

03-10-13, 10:07
Congrats and welcome to the club!