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25-10-04, 20:08
what is the purpose of this button you can change gear manually without this button pushed in [light on dash] and if the o/d is off it will redline anyway and whats ects??????or is it etcs can anyone explain [95 n/a auto]

25-10-04, 20:19
The MANU (Manual Mode) button makes it (pretty much) stay in the gear you have selected. It will change to the gear you've selected as soon as it can and stay in that gear as long as possible.
For example if you're in MANU mode and leave it in D (3rd gear) it will pull away in 2nd and then change into 3rd very shortly after you've gotten moving. It will then stay in 3rd gear until something like 135mph when it will change up to forth gear because it's revving its arse off by then.

26-10-04, 19:21
thanks for the reply jake that clears up that question
do you know how i can find out if the limiter is still in place the previous owner wasnt sure i have had 120 mph out of it but had to back off cheers ---dave