View Full Version : Mk3 owner with a 2 j build

30-03-12, 05:16
Hi guys

I'm new here I don't own a mkiv but a mk 3 with a 2JZGTE swap from an aristo underway.

I have joined this forum as I'm hoping to be welcome despite not owning a mkiv supra?

They say a pic says a 1000 words so ....

30-03-12, 05:17
Thought I should add its a work in progress the swap isn't finished yet in case anyone rhints it's lookin a bit rough still !

30-03-12, 19:18
Welcome to the club. Any spec?

01-04-12, 09:28
It's a build in progress so for not all decided. For now it's a stock Aristo 2jzgte setup im keeping the ps with custom lines but no aircon. Holset HX 55 turbo, custom FRD fabricated manifold with fast spool valve. Full 3" turbo back exhaust. Large fmic with FRD custom hard pipes for the intercooler and water lines. Large oil cooler with remote filter. Turbosmart dump valve. Link G3 ecu. Going for 800cc injectors. Manual r154 5 speed box. Rest to be decided as I go.