View Full Version : recomend a good tig unit for alluminium.

18-01-12, 22:32
I need a tig that will be good for welding alloy wheels and needs to be single phase.Can anybody recomend one .max budget around 1000

Chris Wilson
19-01-12, 14:07
My Danish Migatronic is a full size unit that is 3 phase AND single phase compliant. I run it on single phase. It's a big thing though, but properly made, unlike some of the small cheaper single phase "semiconducto"r ones. If it's a Migatronic though, it's good. For God's sake get a known brand though, and do my usual trick of ringing a service dealer in the UK with a hypothetical fault and see if service info and spares are available. ESAB, Murex, Miller are all excellent, too. Depends on budget, mine was about 1200 a few years ago, and would still fetch much the same were I to sell it. 1000 should get a very decent used unit, or maybe a pretty decent new one. Be SURE it has all the features that you feel you will need, including a GOOD foot pedal.

19-01-12, 14:09
I have a 3 phase TIG for sale, new it was around 7K I want 2K for it

19-01-12, 21:48
Chris are you on about one of these http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/MIGATRONIC-PILOT-200-AC-DC-TIG-WELDER-ALU-STAINLESS-MILD-STEEL-/150736910857?pt=LH_DefaultDomain_3&hash=item23189eba09

Dude i cant have 3 phase as im mobile
how about something like this http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/LINCOLN-TIG-AC-DC-275-Square-wave-/260936315368?pt=LH_DefaultDomain_3&hash=item3cc10431e8

idealy i would like the machine to be new,but that is looking like i have no chance with 1000

Chris Wilson
19-01-12, 22:27
No, that's a modern inverter type, if you get a good make like Migatronic they should be OK, but cheap Chinese ones are always going bang and are irreparable. Mine's 5 times that size, but has a good ol' transformer and is 3 phase or single phase. I can take a photo tomorrow and post it up. It's an MTE 220 Dialog, the user manual is at http://www.gatesgarth.com/dialog/dialog.pdf It's definitely not portable as in carry it about!

19-01-12, 22:39
i can get away with one mounted in the van.But portable is better .my kempii minarcmig is perfect for its portability.Main reason is i have been asked to weld cracked alloy wheels on a regular basis and need a machine that will last,hence why i bought the kempii mig for my general welding.

supra matt
19-01-12, 22:46
I just brought the 161 one of these very good

Chris Wilson
19-01-12, 22:50
I would say go for a decent inverter type then, like the one in your link. be sure it will have the oomph to do alloys, they really need pre heating, have you got gas as well? Modern inverter types are so light and portable, i would like one for taking in the truck or car. to run my big one at full tilt on single phase I installed a seperate 60 amp supply off the meter box. Err, I mean I had one profesionally fitted, sorry, my bad.

19-01-12, 22:57
i have an account with boc so gas isnt a problem ,will probably go for the largest pure argon bottle and run a longer hose same as i do for the mig.