View Full Version : Cool Nights 2011

06-10-11, 13:44
The date for this year's Cool Nights is going to be released over the next week or so. This one's usually held in the National Show Centre in Swords around Halloween and has been my favourite show bar none for many years now, there's nothing else quite like it out there.

It's a bit later this year and will be held on November 26th. It's also probably not going to be in the Show Centre, I'll post more details on the location once it's been confirmed though.

If anyone's interested in showing at this then please post here and I can request a stand at the show. It's a little more complicated than showing up and cleaning your car, it's a night-time show and you need to provide lights or whatever to make the stand stand-out, so there could well be additional costs involved that would probably have to be met out of your own pocket.

For an idea of what me and a few mates did for this show last year check out:


I've got a pointy head on with the organisers regarding how parts of it were run last year, as a result I won't be attending this year. Don't let that put anyone off though! ;)