View Full Version : Which bumper to go for, opinions please

01-09-11, 22:27
Hey going to purchase a new bumper but can't decide, here are the two preferences:

Option 1 (http://www.knightracer.com/shop/index.php?route=product/product&keyword=front%20bumper&category_id=57&product_id=690)


Option 2 (http://www.knightracer.com/shop/index.php?route=product/product&keyword=front%20bumper&category_id=57&product_id=219)

I've put a poll on the thread to keep visual tracking.

01-09-11, 22:40
Out of the two you've listed, Top Secret any day of the week. Bomex is a bit chav looking and far too fussy IMO (Sorry to those that have them :D )

01-09-11, 22:46
Top secret any day over the bomex for me too.

01-09-11, 22:48
top secret if its out of them 2, whiffbits front is the future though

01-09-11, 22:55
For some reason, I reckon the TS only suits certain cars..I tend to find I either love it, or think it looks terrible.

So for that I'd probably choose bomex...

50/50 really...

01-09-11, 22:58
TS all day...

01-09-11, 23:29
As everyone above, if it has to be one of the 2 Top Secret without any doubt

01-09-11, 23:33
That style TS is ugly look at how it is crunched from the side view, the one Jamiep had on his old red supra was the better shape TS

02-09-11, 00:10
out of them two definitely the bomex

02-09-11, 00:13
Whifbitz is the way to go, one day I will have 18s and will buy one!!!!

Out of those two the top secret pips it for me'.

02-09-11, 11:05
i'm torn personally, i like them both. The Mrs thinks i should go for the TS one, so i may end up going for that, but i do like the Bomex one. I don't think the blue colour helps it's case in anyway shape or form. :rolleyes:

02-09-11, 11:10
Dont think either look good in those pics, perhaps on a different supra (colour) the 1st one will look better.

Dont like either tbh.

02-09-11, 11:10
Just to be awkward neither :)

Definitely not the bomex though as they just look awfull, i put one on my first mkiv, luckily i caught a small
grass verge and destroyed it and went back to stock ;)

02-09-11, 11:38
TS in my opinion and I have a bomex :D also if your going to get it from knight racer eBay is your friend as they sell them on there for cheaper (knight racer that is)

02-09-11, 12:42
None of both, as from the supra in your garage i assume you want to get rid of the veilside which is fitted on the pictures, i would go with the stock front bumper and an aftermaket frontlip as rmm/mvp/whiffbitz.

02-09-11, 12:52
Do luck?


add heywood
02-09-11, 13:02
Ridox ftw :)

02-09-11, 13:44
There is only 2 fronts that look good on my eyes

Stock + RMM Lip
DoLuck Front

// André

02-09-11, 14:31
Definitely Top Secret, but it only looks right if you also have the skirts and rear spats fitted IMO.

Pics HERE (http://www.mkivsupra.net/vbb/vbpicgallery.php?do=view&g=58) of mine.

02-09-11, 15:52
I like the skirts, not too sure on the rear spats though. Nonetheless a good looking car! I'm thinking TS as a more logical choice despite the £100 extra price tag!