View Full Version : Hi there and a supra good evening!!!

16-05-11, 20:26
Hi guys, i am new here and saw that a first post would be appreciated! I love toyota supra's!!! What a nice car, it's really a dream to buy one in the future!!
That's why i want to collect more info about the car.

There's only one thing!!?

When i see the car i ask myself is it big enough for a guy like me of 2 meter?
Any way thanks for this forum and sorry fot my english

16-05-11, 20:50
hi there and welcome,

So your 6ft 5in ? You will have no problem fitting in the Supra :)


16-05-11, 21:01
You'll be fine I'm 2m+ and its v comfortable :)

16-05-11, 21:14
Hi, you'll be fine as long as you treat it as a 2 seater as I am only 5ft 8 and people have difficulty sitting behind me. Spotted your from the Netherlands tallest people on the planet you know :).

16-05-11, 22:25
Welcome to the fourm, as said as long as you dont use the back seats you will be fine. I dont use mine anyway :D
What model you looking at getting?

16-05-11, 22:27
as long as you're 2m tall and not 2m wide you'll be fine!! :)

17-05-11, 17:39

17-05-11, 18:22
Welcome to the club!! Yeah you shouldn't have a problem fitting into a Supra, but if you are too tall..... get an aerotop. ;)

17-05-11, 18:45
There are people on here 6'5" and over and they fit in even with a helmet on.