View Full Version : Fitting UK Brakes to a J-Spec Supra

27-07-04, 08:31
Is it possible to fit a set of UK calipers and discs to a Jap import. And if you can is it a straight swop.:D

Chris Wilson
27-07-04, 08:47
Very straightforward, either cut the dust shields to clear (simple with a steady hand and angle grinder) or remove altogether (involved),. Fit both front AND rear brakes or an imbalance occurs. VERY strictly speaking change the master cylinder, it has a different bore size. 99.9% of people don't bother though, and the one I did change made no noticeable pedal effort or travel distance difference. use stock discs, not el cheapo Taiwanese drilled *hit. Use good pads and fluid. Well up to even hard track day usage WITH THE RIGHT PADS AND FLUID!

30-07-04, 08:10
Cheers for that mate. That should help!!!:D

Ian C
30-07-04, 08:49
Poached for the FAQ section thanks to Chris's succint post :)


08-12-04, 15:51
hi guys,
If change the uk break to j-spec car, do you need the 17" wheels or just keep the 16" will do?

08-12-04, 15:53
you will require bigger wheels. 18's I believe although I suppose it depends on the design of them?

08-12-04, 15:57
i had some 17" rs kahn alloys on mine when i upgraded the front calipers the wheels did not fit back on as they were fouling the bigger calipers:(

08-12-04, 16:45
They fitted under my 17s though they had a weird offset, best way is to check by putting your wheel on a sup with UK brakes fitted - thats what I did first.