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30-01-11, 22:25
hello all

al start with disapointing many of you as i have not yet got a supra but in the process of selling my own cars and buying 1 (this is what a need the advice on)

i have been offered the chance to buy a jap spec n/a man 95 in white(119km) ave had a quick look round it(was in my mates garaged as it was stuck ingear) it has had a bit of money spent on it hks exhaust full veilside kit(not to may taste sorry) lowered (not sure what on as they look oe as they all black) but sits quite low apexi air filter polished bottom pully samco hoses greddy clutch and apparentrently alot of internal engine work when it was in japan

but it has a few problems but they dont seam major
needs engine mounts
apparentley its sumtimes hard to get into 1st and reverse but does go in (mate thinks this has alot to do with the engine mounts or the clutch system needs blead as its just had a new clutch and slave cylinder)
drivers seat dosnt move back or farward (eletric) but backrest works off switch
bumper and side skirts need painting (only due to stone chips and 1 skuff) but am a spray painter so that no problem

would these cost alot to repair and were is the best place to find parts as i have had problems finding engine mounts
oo and ave been offered this cheap well seams cheap (1700)

sorry for long post

30-01-11, 22:32
Welcome to the club!

There is a trader on here, his name is Keron. He is the man if you are looking for second hand parts and his prices are good as well mate. As for the gear selecting problem im sure someone will be along in a minute with an answer for you. Could be mount related.

Peter P
31-01-11, 17:52
Hi Danny :welcome:

As said, Keron is good for good quality used parts or you can get new OE or aftermarket items from Paul Whiffin at Whifbitz (authorised trader on here).

If the clutch work doesn't fix it (poorly fitted clutches can cause the issues you describe), a replacement gearbox from Keron is another option mate.

Alternatively, keep looking as there are plenty around including ones on here which vary in price based on spec level and overall condition.

Best of luck with it fella :thumbs:

01-02-11, 21:20
Hi and Welcome :)

01-02-11, 21:43
To me, it's not the best idea to start with a car having issues. Have a friend or a member in your area take a look at it. So you won't end up spending way too much fixing things all around the car for weeks.

01-02-11, 22:08

01-02-11, 22:13
The gear selection problem may be down to the bushes in the shifter cradle. And welcome

01-02-11, 22:19
Welcome..... IMO dont buy something that will need never ending $ spending on it

01-02-11, 23:09

supra steveo
01-02-11, 23:25
mate if i were you i would stay away from the car you are talking about and carry on doing your homework on what to look out for it took me a few month to find my first supra and it was worth the wait , and i think you have done the right thing joining first just to find out a little bit about the cars

:welcome: :)

02-02-11, 06:23
Welcome Danny. :)
Have a look around mate. There are some top guys in your area who will provide a wealth of info for you, Jevansio and Jurgen spring to mind good people here (http://www.mkivsupra.net/vbb/showthread.php?231837-Midnight-Tunnel-Run-Wangan-Style).
It's worth taking a look at this (http://www.mkivsupra.net/vbb/showthread.php?238205-White-1998-Toyota-Supra-SZ-R-6-speed-Getrag-NA-53k-on-the-clock). Quite a bit above 1700 notes but a great deal of car with a lot of expensive and rare oem extras. :)

06-02-11, 21:59
thanks all for your replys will take all info with thanks.
am still going to look about for a supra
(but still thinking about taking this on as bit of a project haha)
who else is good for parts (have been informed about a top lad called Keron already hahah)

supra steveo
06-02-11, 22:01
yep Keron will become your best friend if you buy the car in post 1 :D coz you are gonna buy so many parts off him :D

06-02-11, 23:55
he seams like a top man as all he gets is good reviwes