View Full Version : VVTi Engine or Not?

15-05-10, 21:12
Hi guys

When i buy my supra, which engine is most prefered the late VVTi one or not? Are both the same in respects of tuning or is it slighly different due to the valve timing? Any pros or cons to the newer lump

Cheers guys


16-05-10, 10:33
It used to be said that the vvti engine had a lack of tunning options due to it being a newer engine. As opposed to the tried and tested non-vvti engine. But if you have a look around on this site there are several single turbo vvti engined cars putting out good power. SteveR comes to mind.

Certanly if you were only going to bpu the car a vvti engine puts out more mid range torque.

I sure some of the more experienced members will give some input in to this.

16-05-10, 11:15
I would say the VVTi is just as tunable as the non-VVTi but with the added bonus of variable cam setup, the DBW can be a pig to get right but even that has options now.