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17th/18th Oct - The weekend sees the final round of the Pro Street Drag Series for Japanese and European Imports. Can the might of the Japanese legends run rough shod over the European brands? Who will be crowned PSDS title holder for 2009? Find out this weekend.

And thatís not all for every driver signing on for the Public Track on Sunday will automatically be entered into our SCR Track Challenge to find the quickest four, five, six and eight cylinder category cars of the day (*Sunday only), and the days quickest manufactured bike in our Trophy Bike Dash sponsored by Motorshack & JJ Motorsport, and you could come away with an exclusive Shakespeare County Raceway Challenge Trophy for your efforts in a safe and legal environment. Donít forget to bring your Driving Licence!

31st Oct/1st Nov - Itís the annual 'let your hair down end of season party' at Shakespeare County Raceway for the 4th annual Halloween Bonfire Burn Up. This two day Public Track Day weekend is expected to draw cars and bikes from all over to the Warwickshire drags strip which will include several special events in addition to the racing action.

Shakespeare County will be staging its final Sunday Special Street Car Challenge for 4, 5, 6 and 8 cylinder cars and Trophy Bike Dash (don't forget your Driving Licence), while on Saturday nights sees the annual Halloween Ball and Costume Contest, trailer decorating and trailer-to-trailer 'Trick or Treating' for the kids plus the usual bonfire and fireworks. So get yourself down here for an awesome night!

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Great to see you exploiting the free posts rule to advertise your business when you wouldn't give us the light of day when we approached you as a club to use your facilities.

So in order to gain a free bit of advertising, what do you propose to offer us as a club?

I look forward to your reply.

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I haven't been about much the last week, but I'm subscribed to this thread now to see if I can help in any way.

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