View Full Version : Fancy a pub meet this Saturday?

29-09-09, 21:59
Anyone up for it? If not I'll organise one for a few weeks time so there is a bit more notice! ;)

(I'm looking at sorting our Christmas meet & meal, too.)

Ian R
29-09-09, 22:00
I'm up for Sunday if possible :d

29-09-09, 22:56
I can't do this weekend. :( Or, having checked, the following one.. or the one after that.... or the one after that.. however, the one after that is free!

01-10-09, 22:47
Scrap that plan then - next weekend? :search:

Class One
01-10-09, 23:02
Did someone say pub? :eyebrows:

02-10-09, 16:54
Did someone say pub? :eyebrows:
Hey doug! :wave: haven't seen you & yours for aaaaaaaaages!
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