View Full Version : Road Safety Event & Car Show in Abingdon

02-09-09, 03:32
Last year South Central Cruisers were invited to attend a Road Safety event at Didcot Fire station. The purpose of the event was to raise awareness of road safety among young drivers, particularly the age group 17-24 year olds. In the local community we have a high number of people in this age range with modified or customised cars, so the day was organised mainly to appeal to this group.

After the fantastic and generous support from all involved they have decided to put on more of a show this year!!!

They are trying to get alot more clubs and locals involved this year as after the success of last year they are using Dalton Barracks Airfield, near Abingdon.


Those involved included a display of cars from BBC’s Top Gear provided by the Top Gear Technology Centre (http://www.topgear.com), modified cars from PUG1OFF (http://pug1off.com/) and South Central Cruisers (http://www.southcentralcruisers.com). A Playstation 3, Gran Turismo driving simulator from Sony. This was used for a fastest lap prize, of a jacket from Honda F1. Gloucester Fire and Rescue seatbelt slide demonstrator and a car and drinks from Red Bull. Local car parts shop brought there 4x4 pick up and Trading Standards educated people of the dangers found on cars.

Various raffle prizes were provided by Williams F1, Orange, Carphone Warehouse, Honda F1 and various other companies.

This event is open to all with a bike show and a Ladies Driving Challenge Day (http://www.firefighterscharity.org.uk/download.asp?PageId=100) organised by the Firefighters Charity as well.

I hope you dont mind me posting this but i have been asked to help get the word out and it looks to be a great day for all.