View Full Version : Supra vs Skyline meet hits the Daily Mirror !!!

27-08-09, 19:17
As below, hitting Daily Mirror motoring column NI tomorrow bt:)

Got a call from the writer seeking permission to use my photos so I asked him to send me a pdf as the paper won't be down south


Stephen G
27-08-09, 21:00
That looks like the guy who was at the jap meet at junction1 a few months back driving the blue na-t supra. i might be wrong some of the other members from over here might know. Well if it is him the meet should get a good write up

27-08-09, 21:26

27-08-09, 21:35
Savage to be fair ! Thanks for the coverage Darren, hope you'll be able to get more coverage of the next event I do....

2 mags covered this weekend also so plenty more coverage to come ladies & gents.

27-08-09, 21:38
If anybody knows what magazines and when available please drop me a PM so I can purchase one or two :)

27-08-09, 21:44
MIJ and Banzai Carlo. Not particularly sure when either issue will be released.

27-08-09, 21:49
MIJ and Banzai Carlo. Not particularly sure when either issue will be released.

I will keep an eye out mark, I am sure one of us will post up when released

Wish I had more than one copy of my MIJ feature from last time

27-08-09, 21:56
I'll find out from Mick with the skyline if he can sort me some of those issues mate. Probably sold out though , lol !

28-08-09, 14:28
Yep I drive a Blue NA-Turbo Supra and was at Junction One.
I'm on my 4th column now and I'm trying my best to list as many up and coming events and car clubs. I have to run test drives to keep advertisers happy but I want to feature as much performance and Jap features as I can get away with. I have the new Landrover Discovery 4 for next week, amazing machine, it would be great for pulling a drift car or two LOL.
I'm going to the 'drift school ireland' on the 20th of September so look out for my review on me trying to drift.

I will be contacting Kearney to get some info on Japfest, I forgot to mention it this week DOH
Feel free to keep me up to speed on events or car clubs, anything that I could mention.

my work email is: d.liggett@mgn.co.uk
my home email: dazliggett@yahoo.co.uk
my mobile: 07880711113
work address: 415 Holywood rd, Belfast, BT42GU

Or please by all means if your in the North buy the Daily Mirror on Friday and any positive comments I can pass onto my bosses so hopefully I can keep this going for a while or maybe even get a two pages instead of one.

thanks for all the feedback, it's much appreciated

02-09-09, 17:38
how do you give feedback? i never buy the paper but ive told the girlfriend to get ti sorted on a friday lol

03-09-09, 11:59
Well you just give me feedback buy saying your getting your misses to buy the paper on a Friday. Any mention on a forum is great as I can print it out to show to my bosses. They love to see positive reactions so it's all good.

thanks Darragh

18-11-09, 22:55
Just spotted this, nice writeup :)

18-11-09, 23:06
Small bit behind the times Ernie !!!

19-11-09, 07:57
What is this, amateur hour Ernie!!

19-11-09, 09:22
try catching me lol, you'll see real times then lol :)

20-11-09, 15:38
Wow that was a blast from the past seems like ages ago since I did that page. You've missed a few good columns since then Ernie, did you see the one where I used a pix of your car? Bishopscourt when Mick Begley was there. I'm actually running two pages now everyweek. Here is the last two weeks in-case you missed them too.




I was thinking of running a story on a Nissan GTR owner like yourself Ernie if you'd be interested. I was going to go to Nissan and ask for a test-drive but it would be a nice angle speaking to someone who has actually owned a GODZILLA for a while and how you have got on driving one on Irish roads. Plus you could take me for a spin to see how it really drives as you never really get a feel for a car if you only have a it for a few days. What do you think? Would you be up for an interview. I don't have to run a picture of you and can delete your number plates but might be an idea for a feature sometime in the new year. If your up for it I could approach Nissan and see what they can offer me. What Nissan dealership did you get yours from as I deal with a company who does the PR for Charles Hurst so would be handy if it was them.
Anyway have a think about it and PM me back.
thanks Darren

20-11-09, 15:47
Glad to see your getting increased coverage mate. Well deserved. I'll keep in contact as promised with upcoming events :)

Ernie bought his from Charles Hurst Darren .

20-11-09, 15:55
I think he sold it Darren

20-11-09, 16:26
Thanks Mark will be nice in the new year to see some more events being planned as apart from Top Gear Live I've all but ran out of events to list. Please keep me informed of anything as I'd be glad to list it.

Just my luck though if Ernie has sold the GTR. It's only a few months back he had it at Bishopscourt. Wonder why he sold it? but I still might go along to see Nissan and see if they'll give me a spin in one even if it's only as a passenger.

20-11-09, 17:05
Mig, the GTR is so much fun I am not too worried about the Supra lol.

He was talking like he still had a hew days ago.:shrug:

20-11-09, 17:29
Thank you Darren, I did see that one :) Keep up the good work :)

Yes its still here for another while, need to do something special in the supra to get it featured now lol. Could manage a spin in the GTR if you like lol

Mig - you know me, every day is a different day !

20-11-09, 18:00
Mig - you know me, every day is a different day !

Would be boring if everyday was a Monday.

21-11-09, 11:38
That sounds cool Ernie, I'd love a spin and if you had time for a quick interview as well that would be great. I will get onto the PR company who deal with Charles Hurst and see what they think of my idea to interview a GTR driver and your take on what it is like owning a GTR in the real world. If they let me have one for the day then that would make an amazing photo oppertunity but I'll be lucky if they let me go along and wash a GTR insted but we will see.
When would suit you best, before or after Christmas?

If you'd like to see your Supra in the Daily Mirror then I'll think of some feature to run. It is always good for me to have features on a backburner. Maybe when supramkivcork organises another Supra/Skyline weekend. But what car woud you prefere to bring to that. The GTR or your Supra, now that's one situation I'd love to find myself in LOL

21-11-09, 13:41
Prob best to leave hursts out of it, they dont even let the only GTR salesman in the country drive it off the site. The dont have demos most of the time, they are a bilnd buy car. Anyway they dont knwo that much about the cars lol as i have found out.
Yeah I can demo the GTR to you, prob best to meet in Newry and go "International" for licence safety reasons lol.

21-11-09, 14:07
No probs that makes it easier for me then if I don't go through them although I can always mention in the copy that the amazing Nissan GTR is available to buy from Charles Hurst.. ass kiss, ass kiss. They have given me a few test dirves before so it's good to keep in with local dealers.
I'm thinking of maybe runnig this the week before Christmas (18th December) as I have a free slot and we could meet up anytime before that then that gives me plenty of time to work on it.
The problem I have is I work for the Sunday Mirror as my real job and I always work all day Saturday. Sunday, Monday or Tuesdays are my days off so if any of them suited you over the next few weeks that would be great.
I'm in Londom training for four days next week so hopefully we could organise a day after that.
Oh I'm at Top Gear Live on Sun 06th of Dec so that's that day out too.
Have a flick through your diary and see when would suit you.
Thanks for this Ernie.

21-11-09, 16:58
Darren, I hope your not a nervous passenger lol. Will be in contact soon :)

21-11-09, 18:29
Ha ha, I'm not too bad, I'm just back from Scotland where Scottish Rally Champ David Bogie took me for a spin in his Evo IX rally car, that was a bit hairy on the gravel but looking forward to a GTR adrenaline rush, I'll bring clean underwear, just in-case LOL